In today’s digital age, visual effects(VFX) have come an essential part of the entertainment industry. With the increasing demand for high-quality content, the need for professional VFX cleanup services has grown exponentially.

Why We…

What is VFX Cleanup ? 

VFX cleanup is the process of removing unwanted elements from a visual scene, similar to riggings, carriages, and green screens.

It’s an important aspect of VFX compositing and post-production, as it helps to produce a flawless visual experience for the audience.

VFX cleanup aims to make the final product look as natural as possible, without any distractions or errors.

Vfx Cleanup Services


We remove & cleanup unwanted objects and elements from live-action footage, ensuring a clean and seamless shot.

Color Correction

We adjust the color correction and tone of your footage, ensuring that it matches the intended look and feel.

Rig & Wire Removal

We remove rigs & wires, and other elements used during filming, making sure that they are not visible in the final shot.

Benefits of VFX Cleanup…

VFX cleanup services offer several benefits to filmmakers and production houses. originally, they can help to save time and money by reducing the need for reshoots or fresh takes

  • enhance the overall quality of the final product
  • makes it more engaging and impressive for the audience.
  • VFX cleanup can help to remove safety risks on set, similar to wires making the filming process safer for the actors and crew

High-Quality VFX Cleanup…

How does VFX Cleanup work? 

The method of VFX Cleanup involves tracking, rotoscoping, and compositing. Firstly, the VFX sketcher will track the movement of the camera and the items in the footage. This allows them to exactly remove any unnecessary components and change them with fresh plates or background images. Rotoscoping is the method of manually selecting and dividing components in the footage. This is frequently required for more complex shots, such as those with moving items or complex backgrounds

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We focus on an inclusive range of VFX Cleanup Services

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We offer several benefits to filmmakers and production houses. originally, this can help to save time and money by reducing the need for reshoots or fresh takes

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